TJKCB2019-09-11 09:43:32

I thought he got the message for the majority, not just race specifics. He got the vision, not bias. Well. he's doing well now.

Why Chinese American? not that is the point, but it's not a race among races. Elites are in control in any society. Freedom to vote for your favorite. Yes, you gotta be in the main stream.

His appearance? Yeap.  A humble guy with ahead-of-curve vision, in a down-to-earth talking point. Way to go, all the way, to his God-given destiny.

Let God. Let Go. Nothing else can stop him if God is with him.

What can you do? Pray.

Why? D. T. Trump leads three Bible study sections weekly - he knows that well, he can't go on without God blessings. If he's God's chosen, he'll go on. Remember King Saul and to-be-king David?