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Counted from Liu Zhidan and Xie Zichang, Xi Jinping is the 3rd generation of northwestern GCD. A brief history can be found at

There are 5 important people in this group: Liu Zhidan, Xie Zichang, Gao Gang, Xi Zhongxun, and Yan Hongyan. Among them, only Xi Zhongxun died normally and the other four died of their own doggy fightings. Someone may disagree to argue that Gao Gang died because of Mao or Deng or someone else. No matter what, non of them died in the battle grounds with Japan or US.

Now Xi Jinping is the No. 1. Can we trust that he will not repeat the history of internal fightings?

I am not be able to answer this question. 

I grow up in both Mao's as well as Deng's time. In Mao's time, it was people fought people. In Deng's time, no one founght anyone in the environment where I was.

Since 2013, I can see China has been moving toward to that people started to fight people again. Now it is clear that Xi Jinping has been trying to destroy Deng and Deng's achievements and he is the only ``GREAT" person. 

I really don't know what will happen.