JessAB2018-08-10 02:38:27

More and more people are coming to the U.S.  For some people, although they are physically here in the US, it seems like they are still living in China, because they are mostly surrounded with Chinese circle, speak mainly Chinese, eat Chinese food, watch and read Chinese, and have less interest in things happening here.  Don't get me wrong and it is perfectly fine if that is what you want.  The point is do you want to be part of this country and to have a better future here?  If the answer is yes, you would need to embrace it first and improve English ability.  Then you will find out there are actually so many choices out there for you even if you are not a US citizen.

• For instance, you have a variety of food choices which make dinning experiences more fun.  In addition to Chinese, pizza, burger and steak, you have the options to try out French, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Tai food, Mexican, etc.
• You have the freedom to watch and read literally anything (except illegal) through TV, Internet without being blocked or altered by the government.  Because of this, not only you can enjoy a variety of things both in English and Chinese such as first hand breaking news, business news, music, sports, entertainment, etc., you also would not easily get fooled around by any misleading or false information.
• If you are a sport person, there are so many sports you can play naming swimming, tennis, basketball, ski and skate.  And you don't have to be rich to play golf because there are so many driving ranges and golf courses here.  
• You can also go to see live sports games or shows if you are interested.
• If you like travel, you can drive or take airplane to go anywhere in the US or most places in the world if you are a citizen.
• There are many bars or clubs out there if you are a social person.
• For many family guys, they are not pressured to social after work.  They prefer to have free time with the family or with themselves since they already spend more than 8 hrs a day with others at work.

The lists can go on.  You also have the choices to other free public resources/services like free public schools, parks, libraries, many free internet hotspots, or may even get free health insurance medicaid, free food stamps, low income housing, if eligible.

US is a culturally diverse country that promotes innovation, hard work, law, regulations, trust, etc.  If you want to be fitted in, you need to open your heart and your mind to embrace it, and not to limit yourself just in the circle.  And you will find that it is an amazing country for most people, period!