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大家好。暨我酒店 STANDARD HOTEL105周年年庆的狂欢之际,因朋友和社会需求我组建了这个平台,望诸位珍惜花好月圆的每一个瞬间令有缘人终成眷属。酒店105周年庆祝活动: (PETER PAN LOUNGE 首届音乐节,6月28日、29日、30日三天为第一期;及8月29日,30日,31日三天为第二期)届时将有50名歌手参加歌唱比赛和闪动的中国旗袍舞蹈表演。同时,由6月份开始我和我的周边小镇进入一年一度的国际西部牛仔狂欢节; 而我们也会以这个时间段为开始积极为我们的单身男女人士提供丰富多姿的烛光派对,休闲周末游等意义非凡温情绵绵的交友平台。有意加入参与的朋友们请通过微信搜寻: PETER PAN LOUNGE DATING CLUB
或者发电子邮件: pet[email protected] 提供个人的微信号要求加入进群。谢谢大家配合

Hello everyone. On the occasion of STANDARD HOTEL of the 105th Anniversary, I built this platform for my friends and the needs of the society. I hope that every moment you'd cherish your honey moon with a great passion. During the 105th Anniversary Celebration, we promote the PETER PAN LOUNGE First Music Festival, it scheduled on June 28th, 29th, 30th of three days for the first event; and then second scheduled on August 29th, 30th, 31st of three days for the second event) There will be 50 singers participating in the singing competition, and also with flashing Chinese Traditional Qipao  performance. During the time, starting June, the annual International Western Cowboy Carnival is on action from all of my neighboring towns as well. To catch on right moment, our club will also provide a wide range of candlelight parties for our members, all kind activites would starting from this time period, weekend louge tour, and other meaningful of charing dating platforms. For those who are interested in joining, please search on WeChat: PETER PAN LOUNGE DATING CLUB